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Monday, February 27, 2012

What would you do...?
I thought it might be an idea whose time had come. After all, in a few weeks’ time it would be a year that I wrote something here. Last time I lamented the then much-delayed upload with a ‘patchwork quilt of reasons…’ but this time I cannot fathom what to come up with so will let it be. And brazen in out, what do you say? The idea, you say? Well, just put something here, that’s it really.

It is always a struggle to decide what to write about in this occasional blog. Politics? There’s already too much of it available everywhere. Sports? What did you say? Eh? Ah, which sport is it? Quite. I get you. Cricket… seems we need to get back to kindergarten for the basics. Hockey? Well… let’s see. We might be able to cook something up at the Olympics. Football? Next. Tennis? As long as it is doubles we might have something to say and there are already far more qualified writers around for that. Badminton then? You get the drift? Then? Travels? Hmm… a likely candidate and one that I will salt away for another piece (as we writers refer to it, you know, casually, with a flick of the hand). Movies? As above, there are many reviewers dissecting them in all kinds of media. And so on and so forth… So, for this time, I thought of presenting a list of situations/ things/ happenings/ (type of) people for you to consider how you would react to them were they to happen to/ around you. So, what would you do when you find…

…people speaking from both sides of the mouth? (Naturally, politicians are excluded webassets/2Mouths-Feb272012.jpgfor their mouths come stitched in the middle.)Look out for these! :-D They are the sort who run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. They will play both sides, sympathise with you—falsely, of course—and happily stab you in the back at first opportunity and the completely amoral ones will do it without compunction right from the front. They’re the sort who have drawn out your innermost anxieties, worries, desires and thoughts and then used the precious information to slaughter you, preferably—theirs—in front of others. My take: when you find them out for what they are, run like hell. Away.

…that close cousin of the above, the one who is connected to you in some form or Look for this hint... ;-) shape but doesn’t give a damn? At all. Nothing could be farther from his (or her) mind. The harm that this tribe can cause you is probably beneath his contempt to contemplate. His focus is elsewhere completely and if you happen to get under his wheel, crushed to dust, why, he doesn’t even know. Or would care were he to come to know. Avoid. Like the plague. You?

·         …a strident mobile ringing while watching a movie in a theatre? I’d say that thatBig phone for a big mouth! :-) important man—or woman—has no business indulging in such guilty—but commonplace, I hasten to add!—pleasures like watching a movie with such important cannot-wait-a-minute type of business on hand. Perhaps the poor soul keeps forgetting to put the blessed phone on buzzer considering such weighty matters befog his ‘mind’. Even worse are of course those gentle souls that pick said ringing phone and proceed to have a loud conversation for endless minutes, the inanity of which drives you cross-eyed but nevertheless manages to confound you from following the keen exchanges on the screen. Do you feel forgiving?  

·         But the roadhogs don't even use this guide! ;-)…you’re sincerely following the lane at the traffic light and another car goes past you sneakily, driving right in the incoming lane? And ends up blocking the turning altogether? Actually, there’re so many doing this that it is quite expected. But never, NEVER something you wouldn’t mind, EVER. Personally, I rejoice if These roadhogs need corralling! :-Pthere’re some police chappies beyond the crossing and these unmentionables are nabbed. Hold on, they are nabbed. Like you say, they probably get away by shoving some money down the stoppers’ throats but at least they are. Not always or often or harshly enough to make this an unprofitable risk, true. And my secret desire? They crash badly upon turning and ruin their vehicles. A broken leg or two wouldn’t be bad either. What do you say?

·         …vehicles jumping lights with impunity—and getting away with it— talking about Biker says, come get me! traffic rules? And why on earth do cyclists believe traffic rules are not meant for them? Or that two wheelers—the motorized variety I mean—are especially exempt? Watch them whizz past at turnings blithely riding in the incoming—the wrong—lane. And yes, you’re right, even the cars do it.
Watch the fellow alongside living dangerously. How do you feel?

·         The awful majesty of the law! :-)
…you yourself have broken the law and now need to face up to the awful majesty of it? What’s the first thought that flashes through your mind? Bluster? Bribe? Whine? Own up and take consequences? In my case, I broke traffic rules twice and being unable to bluster or whine and shying from bribing, I found owning up and offering to take it on the chin worked like a charm. I was let go both times.

…you are being patronized by someone? You know, being talked down to, being Makes the point, huh? ;-) condescended to… and such like? It’s suffocating to be sure. But what would you do, really? Stand on a stair and talk down too? Or…? I’m currently practicing a little-known meditation technique from the Sukhbaatar province of Mongolia… which enables me to sit back and enjoy the event.

And that’s it, ladies and gentlemen. Honour me by putting down your reactions, thoughts and comments. See you in… the distant future? Or maybe not… Sbohem!
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